Why TAPP Water is connecting water filters

Why would anyone want a connected smart water filter?

Too often technology is integrated with devices because it can be but not because it solves a problem. Recent examples include connected toasters (Griffin), tooth brushes (Oral B) and juice makers (Juicero) and ovens (June).

The Internet of Things and technology can be extremely useful though. Think of climate control (Nest), lights (Philips Hue and Ikea Smart Lightning), door locks (August and Yale) and home sensors (Minut Point). The common key to success is that they solve consumer problems.

With the TAPP 2 smart water filter we want to use technology to solve two basic problems first:

  1. Ensure filter cartridges are replaced in a timely manner for clean and tasty water
  2. Provide encouragement in terms of cost savings and environmental impact

TAPP 2 smart water filter connects with any iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth and the MyTAPP app. The app enables users to

  • Keep track of when the filter needs to be replaced
  • Receive updates on money saved with filtered tap water versus bottled water
  • See how many bottles of plastic waste you’ve eliminated
  • Find out how much the CO2 footprint has been reduced
  • Get tips and tricks on tap water use
  • Order new cartridges and other products when needed

In the end we hope this will help people get cleaner and tastier water and reduce plastic bottles waste.

So yes, we need smart and connected water filters that solve customer problems!


January 23, 2018

Written by: Erik


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