Save money with a Water Filtration System

How much money will you save with a water filtration system?

Water makes up almost 2/3 of our body and it’s therefore critical for our well-being to drink clean water. No wonder so many people don’t want to take any risk and buy bottled water.

The cost of bottled water

What most people don’t realise is how much money is spent on bottled water throughout the year. Depending on the choice of brand it might be anywhere from 150 to thousands of euros per year. See our bottled water calculator for more.

What’s worse is that there is no scientific evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap or filtered water.

Alternatives to bottled water

The cheapest alternative is obviously to drink the tap water directly. However, not everyone lives in an area where the tap water is good for drinking and showering. Thankfully you may actually save money by investing in a water filtration system for your drinking water and even  shower.

How much will you save with a water filter?

It’s easy to save money with water filter systems.


For drinking water the cost of a water filtration system such as TAPP 1 or TAPP 2 is about €60-80 per year for a household of 2-4 people versus the average spend of €200-400 on bottled water. I.e. most people will get the money back on the investment from the 4th month.

In addition to this you will save the effort of buying and carrying home bottles and managing the recycling of bottles. But what’s even better is that you will also help save the planet versus drinking bottled water which generates plastic waste and increases your CO2 footprint.

For showering it’s not as easy to make a direct comparison but we’ve found that women and men can reduce their spend on hair and skin products considerably. One study found that women spend more than €400 per year on skin and hair products. If that could be reduced by just 15% it will pay for the annual cost of a €60 shower filter.

What’s the best affordable water filtration system?

Read our review of the Best Water Filters 2019.


Do you want to know how much you can save with a water filtration system? Find out more on the savings calculator and start to save money with water filter systems today!

April 6, 2019

Written by: Magnus

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