5 ways to save the oceans

Save the oceans: Our nature, rivers and oceans are getting polluted by plastic among other things. Soon we won’t be able to eat the fish anymore if they even survive due to the amount of plastic and micro plastics. Our previous blog and videos show some of the damage we’ve already done.

Here are five ways you can positively impact the Oceans by reducing plastic waste:

  1. Use and shop sustainable products and brands

Avoid buying and using single use plastic bottles and plastic bags whenever you can.

  1. Say no to plastic in restaurants and bars

Ask for tap water when possible. Say no to unnecessary plastic for take-out food or straws in the bar.

  1. Recycle

If you have to use plastic products then make sure that they are recycled.Globally only 3 % of  the plastic produced gets recycled.. Follow recycle instructions. Separate waste bags for plastic, paper and other waste.

  1. Support Ocean Cleaning & Protecting Organizations

Organizations that are dedicated to protecting the oceans are critical for the future. They educate us on what is going on with the environment both at local and global level. These organisations work at every level of activism to help push change forward. Donate money or engage and give your time.

  1. Spread the word                                                                                             

You’re reading this blog but most people have no idea how bad plastic is and might need to be educated or simply reminded. Share this blog through social channels.

Better Together. Let’s reduce plastic waste and save the oceans!


April 7, 2019

Written by: Magnus

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