What is the #jointheTAPPrevolution?

What is the #jointheTAPPrevolution? In most of North America and Europe we are fortunate enough to have clean healthy water. Despite this, more and more people are replacing tap water with bottled water. This year more than 250 billion bottles of water will be sold where of less than 10% are recycled.

But there is a solution in many parts of the world, and it’s called tap water.

At TAPP Water we promote drinking of tap water through education, marketing, affordable water filters, refillable bottles and other tools and products. We present the facts based on known science about drinking water, contaminants, health impact and more.

TAPP comes from a combination of tap and app as our TAPP app plays an important role in keeping the community up to date about drinking water, products and services.

By joining the TAPP revolution you pledge to avoid bottled water as far as you can. It’s a small change for you but a revolution as a movement.

Read more about why you should drink tap water , the company and our history .

Enjoy tap!


November 6, 2017

Written by: Erik